guitartec are based
in the Scottish Borders
15 Stobshaw Place
Phone 01896 752 581
Skull Stomp Pedal
£25.00  +  £6.00 Postage
Rock Stomp Pedal
£25.00  +  £6.00 Postage
4 String Lost City CBG are reduced was
£150 now £100 plus £12 postage
Montecristo 3 string CBG
was £85 now £65 + £12 Postage
See Stomp Pedals at the bottom of the page
Cigar Box Guitar Sale

All the Cigar Box Guitars in the Shop are all 2017 made with the very latest guitartec Bridge. The lost city cigar box has to be imported from America and thats why it doesn’t have Smoking Kills on it, plus it it a high end box in its construction and I have 3 string and 4 string.
This cigar box guitar is being sold with the money going to a Hospital to buy Equipment
Its made using a lost city cigar box imported from the States so it doesnt have smoking kills on it, it has 2 X 27mm piezos mounted in the bridge and the fret board is a type of Ebony.
Normally sells for £150.00 but is now £100.00 + £12 postage 
Lost City 3 String CBG
was £150 now £100 + Postage £12
Route 66 Stomp Pedal
£25 + £6 postage