All of my guitars are fitted with my own pickup which you are unlikely to have heard before. Buying without hearing the pickups first is not advisable we have a vintage Music Man Valve Amp and a Fender Amp so you can try before you buy. If you find a pickup you like but not the guitar, I am happy to swap pickups into a guitar you do like. We even let you take it away to try under the correct circumstances.
Japanese Photo Flame 1993 These guitars are high quality built and in this has to be the best colour, this guitar has hardly been used and is in exceptional condition for its age, and is a bargain price.
Was 600 Now 500
Below Fender Telecaster FMT fitted with guitartec pickup
Each cover has 2 pickups inside. Front pickup has 1 60s Telecaster pickup with vintage flatwork, Alnico 5 pole pieces, hand scatter wound and vintage coil wire. The second pickup is a 60s Stratocaster pickup again with all vintage parts The bridge pickup has 2 60s Stratocaster pickups, both sets of pickups have coil splitting.
Was 750.00 Now 550.00  +  15.00 Postage

Below A very nice Stratocaster. Squire Body, Mexican neck fitted with Jumbo frets, 8mm dots pickup are Cobalt Noiseless pickups with S1 switching all vintage parts, neck micro tilt with Carona back plate solid trem block 
was 450 now 350.00 Postage 15.00

This is a richwood upcycled  Gibson Special witch has a very heavy body and fitted with guitartec stacked P90 pickups. When the pickup is split it has the same reading as Gibson pickups 7.5 Ohms  Was 250 Now 200.00  Postage 15
Listen to the pickups on you tube

When people first look at my guitars there eyes are drawn to this guitar. What can I say, its a great looking knotty pine body, and its fitted with a set of hand scatter wound with vintage flatwork and alnico 5 pole pieces  

250.00  Postage 15.00
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White LP type guitar really well made guitar with guitartec pickups
Listen to the pickups on you tube

250.00  postage  15.00

Below is a vintage Epiphone acoustic serial No 99979 Model 6730 dates between 1959 and 1963 its had a refret with med jumbo frets it has a 7.5 radius neck
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This guitar is a top of the range Squire 499 which is now fitted with 3 guitartec P90 double stacked pickups neck 6.6 Ohms and 13.06 Ohms middle 6.87 Ohms and 13.51 bridge 7.5 Ohms and 15 Ohms
Was 450 now 350 +  15  Postage

Listen to the pickups on you tube
This is a brand new never been played guitar. I bought this as I was asked to build a better set of pickups Noel as he was suffering from feedback, but I found I couldnt better the pickups. All the Jazzmaster problems have been well sorted out as I have fitted a micro tilt with corona neck plate by doing this it raises the bridge which stops the strings from slipping and the trem works perfectly.
320 + 15 Postage  
This is a gould which I have used to demonstrate my pickups, but these have been taken out a is now fitted with a standard set of Humbuckers.
Bargain Was 150 now 100 + 15 postage
A Pelum Blue PRS type guitar with standard Humbuckers wired series, parallel, through 2 push pull pots, also fitted with a roller bridge and locking tuners
Sale Price 85 + 15 Postage
This is one of my own built guitars made from recycled Mahogany, very heavy, fitted with 2 60s voiced Telecaster Pickups in the neck and 2 60s voiced pickups in the bridge. This gives you a 60s sounding Telecaster using push pull knobs out and a very chunky sounding Telecaster with the knobs in. Vintage Klusons tuners, string through, Maple neck and Rosewood fret board.
450  +  15 Postage
A Telecaster style guitar fitted with hand scatter wound vintage flatwork alnico 5 pole pieces 1960's voiced pickups, in worn aztec gold.
Was 200.00 Now 150.00 + 15.00 Postage
Below 1959 Epiphone made in the Gibson Kalamzoo factory Serial No 99979
Hear it on youtube               250 + 15 postage