My P90 pickup instead of one coil I use 2 with a separator in the middle of the 2 coils, making a double stacked P90, what makes a P90 a good pickup is it has two magnets either side of the pole screws.

This was a project for a client, he wanted a pickup fitted to his Resinator guitar  The ones you see are piezo pickups discs. These Piezos replicate sound perfectly, the sound of the CBG is the same when it goes through an Amplifier.
Below them are 2 CBG both fitted with a bridge of my own design and holds 2 piezo's.
Piezo pickups have been around for sometime and are also used in upmarket electric guitars, the material used to make piezo's is also used in a cigarette lighter to make the spark that lights the gass.
Both of these Cigar Box Guitars are fitted with guitartec pickups 2 piezo disks glued in for a clear sound
Or go to youtube and type in
{possibly the best pickup in the world}you will find it
I was asked 4 years ago if I could build some of these pickups, which must be the smallest guitar pickup in the world, as it fits onder the fret board which has 6 holes for the pole pieces. Every thing hade to be made from the bobbins base plate and the wire was so thin I had to use a magnifiying glass