guitartec are based
in the Scottish Borders
15 Stobshaw Place
Phone 01896 752 581
To the right
This is Larry one of my customers picking up his brand new Telcaster fitted with my pickups, and below, his comments. Larry was also king enough to do some recording with some of my other picks which you can see and hear on you tube.

Big thanks to Bill Robertson Guitartec for this modified tele with hand wired P90's. A most spendid gentlemen with the biggest sounding pickups I've ever heard - executed quite beautifully in this guitar. If interested in braw guitar tones or perhaps even a cigar box guitar, I implore you to check out Bill's handiwork


Mark Knopfler reply

Dear Bill

Firstly an apology that it has taken me so long to try the pickups you kindly sent, I put the scratch plate onto one of our Stratocasters and tried them through two or three different amplifiers, we thought that they were very good tonally but did not offer enough of a difference for us to replace what we currently have.
Again thanks you for sending them
Glenn Saggers

I take this as a complement, for Mark Knopfler to have played with these pickups and say my pickups are very good tonally, and  don't offer enough of a difference to what he is using, I think this is great.
I have left the pickups at the same height he had them set at., see photo on the right 


I contacted David Gilmour to see if he was interested in my pickups, read his reply.

Dear Bill,
Apologies for the delay in responding.
Your note at least makes a change from the daily requests for autographs, meetings and tour dates.
We contacted Davidís guitar tech Phil Taylor and forwarded your website + pickup info.
After some consideration, his response was much the same as Mark Knopflerís, ie that David has so many guitars that, while appreciating your kind offer, he probably canít currently find a place for your pickups. They sound very nice in the clip, though.
On the other hand, since we know various musicians with connections to the Scottish Borders, such as bassist XXXX XXXXX, we will keep your info on file and mention it to whoever might be interested.
Many thanks for thinking of David and the best of luck with all your guitars and pickups.
All the best,
One Fifteeny

Old treacle
Body is a Yamaha and the guitar top is made from recycled maple floor boards Gibson scale length 
Humbucker sized pickups
All the guitars on Sale are fitted with guitartec pickup.
Below is guitartecs twin coil pickup that fits inside a Humbucker cover. A Humbucker has one magnet between 2 bobbins, a guitartec pickup has 12 magnets.
its being played by Larry with his newly finished Telecaster which was converted to take the P90s


Bruce from South of Sanity using guitartec twin bobbin pickups, the bridge pickup has parallel series wiring the neck pickup has coil split, Bruce is using the Bridge Pickup in this video

P90 sized pickups
Below is guitartecs take on a P90 pickup. A P90 is a great pickup as it has 2 magnets  for only 6 pole pieces, so guitartec have added a second layer making it a twin coil which is noise canceling the same as a humbucker.

Above is my other new pickup, twin coils with magnetic pole pieces with coil split. On single coil you get the sound of chunky Fender pickup, on both coils is a sound that takes on any Humbucker. A good mod is to have the bridge pickup with parallel series wiring.
The pickup Data is very good with
Neck Inductance 1.8 / 3.94 / henries  6.93/16.54 kohms / Mag/Phase 56/58 degrees
Bridge Inductance 3.8 / 8.67 / henries 8.48/18.8 kohms / mag/phase 63/62 degrees
The second guitar in this photo I made about 8 years ago and its made from Maple Floor Boards back, sides and top with a Maple neck and rosewood fret board. Both these guitars sound like no other guitar.
This video was taken in July 2017 on Skye, the music was recorded by Neil Stewart on this guitar to the right, I made it about 2 years ago and the top is made using Maple floor boards, it has a short scale length for a softer tone and is perfect for this lament.If you would like to try it, contact me.

Old treacle
Body is a Yamaha and the guitar top is made from recycled maple floor boards Gibson scale length 
This is one of my guitars which is made from recycled Mahogany from a snooker table, it has my pickups, the neck is 2 60s vintage flat work, Alnico 5 pole pieces and vintage wire, and the bridge is a 60s vintage flat work, Alnico 5 pole pieces and vintage wire, both have push pull knobs so you can have it as a vintage 60s Telecaster or a modern Telecaster with a bit attitude.

Price £450 + £15.00 Postage
Welcome to guitartec
guitartec is about 10 years old and started when I fitted a new sound board to my wife's guitar
Since then I have repaired many guitars and made 2 acoustic guitars made from recycled floor boards
I have continued with the recycling theme by making Telecasters out of recycled snooker tables.
About 8 years ago I started making my own pickups, with a new design and take on a Humbucker pickup I also make stacked P90 pickup and Fenders pickups. I have been lucky as Mark Knopfler trilled my pickups for 9 months and David Gilmour recommends me to his friends in Scotland.
All good things must come to an end but it has been a great journey making lots of new friends along the way.
I have used many guitars for demonstration work that are now surplus to requirements and also some of the guitars that I have made.
All guitars for sale are in the Guitar Shop and Cigar Box Guitars are the CBG Shop, I take pay pal and can be delivered if arranged, but I have always preferred try before you buy.
Many Thanks Bill
Retirement Sale
New to the right
This twin neck CBG has been developed over the last couple of months, its made up of a 3 string and 4 string necks with new pickup design and Maple saddles. The idea is to use the lower 3 strings as a drone, but I am sure it will develop into a new CBG sound.